After 15 years in Pratt Mews, it feels like the end of an era. But the start of a new one…
Creative & Commercial is moving from Camden to Primrose Hill in the new year. We hope that sooner rather than later you’ll be able to come and see it for yourself…


It was a pleasure working with our friends at Jnetics for the Jewish Genetics Awareness Month 2021.

‘GENEuary’ is a brand new month-long awareness campaign, designed to raise awareness of recessive Jewish genetic disorders and the importance of carrier screening in their prevention.

One in five Jews of Ashkenazi origin are thought to be healthy carriers of a severe recessive JGD, and carrier screening identifies those at risk of passing one or more of these disorders on to their future children.

Back. To the future?

From Charlotte 

It’s been less than two months since I came back to Creative & Commercial after maternity leave, and pretty much the first time I’ve been able to take stock of how it’s going. I haven’t stepped into our office for over a year – and whilst i don’t miss the physical premises, I certainly miss the opportunities for creativity and collaboration which come from in-person interaction.

Nonetheless our amazing team has harnessed new tech and 2020-friendly ways of working in order to keep sharing ideas, developing skills and innovating for our clients.

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Tribute to Rabbi Sacks

It was a huge honour and privilege for Creative & Commercial to be asked to produce the broadcast that went out on 6th December 2020, to mark the completion of the ‘shloshim’* for Rabbi Lord Sacks. We were able to incorporate tributes from more than 50 individuals, from across the world. And, in 3 days, the programme has had tens of thousands of views

*Shloshim is the intense 30-day period of mourning that is observed after a bereavement according to the Jewish tradition.

To watch the Shloshim Tribute to Rabbi Sacks please click here.

MDA UK raises £2m in 36-hour campaign to save lives

MDA’s first National Lifesaving Day fundraising initiative to help the Israeli emergency service smashed the £2million target, to £2,050,000, with more donations still coming through.

MDA UK live-streamed a special event hosted by TV presenter Rob Rinder, with messages of support from a number of celebrities including Gal Gadot and Lior Raz, as well as entertainment provided from Israeli mentalist Lior Suchard and musician Idan Raichel.